I’m so in Love

Love can do crazy things 
Everywhere I go, her name my heart sings 

So many walls between us, yet we're so close 
Her love is like a drug and I'm about to overdose 

Strings holding us together 
Her heavy words as light as a feather 

It kills me to be away 
Our special nights I want to replay 

I believe we were meant to be free 
One day we promise to leave and together and one day be free 

I wish you know what you do to me 
Whenever your near me its hard to breath 

I hope you know me leaving is not a worry 
I want to spent every minute with you, no hurry 

No one agrees with what we do 
But they don't understand this feelings brand new 

I've promised to stay with you 
And there's nothing I wouldn't do 

To hold you again 
just let our forever just begin 

Your the only reason I breathe 
And I love you more than you could ever believe.